Jesus Desires To Heal Our Wounds With His Heart

Jesus desires to heal the world with His Most Sacred Heart. He desires to purify the wounds of our hearts with the flames of His Most Healing Heart. The wounds that cause us to sin, to harbor hatred, anger, and rage, the wounds that turn into depression and anxiety, the wounds that cause racism and prejudice, the wounds that demand revenge over mercy, and the wounds that develop into sins of jealousy, vanity and the most destructive sin of pride.

While Jesus desires to heal our wounds more than we could ever imagine, in His love for us, He will not force this healing upon us. He desires we come to Him freely, openly and without reserve. For it is then He can provide the greatest healing He so desires to give.

Shall we wait a second longer to receive this healing? Shall we deny our Savior what He desires so much? His Heart yearns to surround us with His love and compassion. Let us turn to Him, completely surrender ourselves to Him and never more depart from His Heart.

A Prayer to The Healing Heart of Jesus

Jesus, I come to You with the desire to completely entrust every part of my heart and all its wounds that cause me to sin over to You to be healed by Your Most Healing and Sacred Heart.

I give to you my sadness, despair and hopelessness....Read more


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