A Personal Story of OCD and Unexpected Healing

By Laura Durant
It was a beautiful fall day this past September. I looked at the clock, and I needed to get moving – I had things to do and places to be! I hurried my bulldog, Winston, into his crate, by luring (and rewarding) him with treats, and then I called out for my kitty, Jake, to ensure he was in the house (and not wandering in the backyard) before I left. And there little Jake was, waiting on the second step from the bottom of our stairway, looking up at me, waiting patiently to be given his treats for delighting me with his presence. All good, I thought, now I can get going.
I locked the house, got in my car, backed it up, put it into drive and headed on my way. As I took a left on my main street to head out into the city, I realized something, something spectacular, something miraculous. Had I been in the Eucharistic chapel at this moment, I surely would have fallen to my knees in praise and thanks to the Almighty for His Great Blessing and Miraculous Healing He had bestowed on me…


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