David's Talk at his Book Launch of Wisdom from the Christian Mystics

I hope Association of Catholic Women Bloggers continue to indulge me with another podcast. 

David gave a talk at his Book Launch of Wisdom from the Christian Mystics - How to Pray the Christian Way on 15th February 2018 at The Athenaeum, Pall Mall, London.

"A Ground-breaking Spiritual Classic" - From The Catholic Universe Christmas Edition 2017 -  Michael Winterbottom, deputy editor
 David Torkingtons latest book - Wisdom from the Christian Mystics has already been described in superlatives by reviewers, even before it has been officially launched at the Athenaeum, Pall Mall.  Kevin Grant, the former Editor in Chief of the Catholic Universe and  former Master of the Catholic Writer's Guild simply called it, 'a masterpiece'. For a writer and a poet, who is so careful with words, it is remarkable that in his endorsement of the book he even suggests that the author could be canonized for writing it - hopefully not in the near future! We need to hear much more from a writer whose books have been declared mandatory reading by Sr Wendy Beckett. Usually such worthy books are beyond the comprehension of the ordinary punters in the pews, but not the books of this author.  please find the podcast here....


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