Catholic Authors: Pray, Listen, Then Write

Some Catholic authors write as if they belong to a Church Beleaguered, not the Church Triumphant.  Articles tend to be either defensive or angry attacks against adversaries.  Many religious writers retreat, focusing only on like-minded souls, writing for a small, mutual admiration society. The rest are tempted to quit when it seems like the world is wearing a spiritual blindfold. In an online conversation with me, Victor S. E. Moubarak articulated the dilemma of Christian writers today:
Many Christian are busily writing their blogs daily wondering who is visiting them, or whether their efforts are having any effect on anyone. We all write for different reasons.  Some genuinely want to put some positives out there in a negative and dark internet full of bile and cynicism. Others write for pure vanity. Whilst others wonder whether to bother to continue writing or whether they should just give it up. The latter would be a pity because it would turn off yet another of the little lights of hope that shine in a dark internet that mirrors today’s secular society. (To read Victor’s books and blog click here.)
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  1. Thank you, Melanie, for mentioning me in this well thought-out and argued article.

    I agree with what you say. If I may be permitted to add two points:

    We, Christian writers, should also spend time visiting other Blogs, especially secular Blogs, and make our visits known by leaving a nice encouraging comment. It is pointless blogging if no one knows you are there. Christ and His disciples travelled from one place to another preaching. They did not stay in one place and hope people would come to them.

    Secondly, we, Catholic writers, should be careful we do not appear aloof and superior in what we say. I have seen many Catholic blogs which hint that "unless you believe like me, you are wrong!" We should reach out and respect Christians from other denominations. What hope have we of spreading the news to non-believers, if we Christians, argue amongst ourselves.

    Sorry to go on a bit, Melanie. Thank you for all your good work and for being an example to us.

    God bless.


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