A Practical Guide for Daily Prayer

In answer to a recent letter asking me how to pray, I sent back nine prayers that have been a great help to me over the years. It seems  the receiver found them very useful and so did her friends. I thought therefore they may be of some help to you too, so here they are.
Begin with Psalm sixty-nine with which St Benedict instructed his monks to start the divine office. Then it can be followed by the Glory Be, immediately followed by Psalm sixty-two.

O God, come to my aid
O Lord, make haste to help me (Psalm 69).
Glory be to the Father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O God, you are my God, for you I long;
For you my soul is thirsting.
My body pines for you
Like dry weary land without water (Psalm 62)  read on...


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