Saint Joseph the Worker Feast Day

Saint Joseph is so special to the Catholic faithful, that we have two feast days set aside each year to honor him: March 19thand May 1st. Typically, on March 19th, we honor Saint Joseph as husband of Mary, and foster father to Jesus. We thank him for being such a good role model, as a faithful husband and father.
Today, we honor Saint Joseph, the Worker, a carpenter, by trade. He worked diligently to provide for his family. Humble in nature, compassionate in heart, he remained ever faithful to God, and Mary. Beyond his humility and compassionate nature, there is so much to admire about this beloved saint. He truly was a virtuous man in every respect. To this day, he continues to serve as an exemplar of virtue for men to follow.
Saint Joseph expressed his faithfulness to God, through his obedience in following God’s will. He took Mary, as his wife, and adopted Jesus as his son. He showed his caring nature, by protecting them from Herod. At the angel’s warning, Joseph hurried his family out of Israel, moving to Egypt, until Herod passed away. Upon the family’s return to Israel, Joseph persevered in poverty. Yet with trust in God, he provided for his family, as a carpenter. Everything that Joseph did, he did for the love of God the Father, Mary and Jesus. Read more...


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