Warmer Weather Requires a Chat About Modesty

Well, even in Kenosha, Wisconsin, they must be wearing summer clothes, by now. At least I hope everyone has tucked away the sweaters and brought out lighter clothing. With the warmer weather, here in North Carolina, I see lots of tank tops and short shorts. In my humble opinion, that’s okay if you’re running errands around town or attending a picnic. But, when I see such attire at Sunday Mass, well, I give a double-take. I try not to judge the person, but I must admit that I question the prudence of the choice of attire. Modesty seems to be lacking.
When I see such skimpy attire at Mass, I wonder what the person thinks of God. Does she realize who she is coming to see? Does God’s opinion of her matter to her? Then, I wonder what the person thinks of herself. Does she feel the need to make a statement? “Notice me, at all costs!” My mind then drifts to ponder if she dresses like that all the time. How much self-esteem does she lack?
As you can see, how we present ourselves, in front of God and others, makes an impression on God and others. The question is, what type of impression are you trying to make by your choice of clothing? Read more...


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