Finding Patience Can Seem Impossible!

As the new school year gets underway, this is the time of year when transitions for children can be unsettling. What results? A lack of patience on everyone’s part. Everyone is looking for their new “norm” and it can’t come fast enough. For children, especially, finding patience can seem impossible.
Whether you have moved to a new home, in the same school district, or to a totally new town, change can be difficult for children. Everything they know is in a state of upheaval. Moving to a new town means going to a new school and making new friends.
To help children navigate transition more easily, I wrote a children’s book for ages 6-8, to help them through this process. The story is set at the beginning of the new school year. Faith, the oldest of the three sisters is heading into second grade in a new town and a new school. She doesn’t know any of her new classmates, but they all seem to know each other. This makes Faith feel uncomfortably like an outsider. The story line has a dual track: 1) Faith wants new friends and 2) Faith needs the virtue of patience. Through the story, we see how God works in Faith’s life to address both the need for friends and the need for patience, with a surprise ending that brings smiles to the faces of all who read this book.


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