Grumbling Lately? (OGW - 021)

Have you found yourself grumbling a lot lately?  Complaining about work or the world around you?

Time to sing a new song!

Psalm 98 is just what we need when we feel like we are living in a vacuum that is overtaking the joy in our lives.

Today’s episode of Opening God’s Word will help you make the shift you need!

I have also posted (below) a prayer of gratitude that I pray every day to encourage me to be thankful for all of the blessings God has given me.

I hope you will make it a part of your day as well.

Have a blessed day in God’s Word.

Janet Cassidy

A Prayer of Gratitude to God


I am so grateful for everything that you have given me.  

Thank you so much for the loved ones in my life,

For the many ways in which I am cared for and supported.

Thank you for the many ways I can serve and give to others.

Thank you for the rich tapestry of colours in creation,

for the beauty which is all around me,

for the skies and the ever changing cloud formations,

For the breathtaking sunsets and early morning mists.

My heart is so grateful and brimming with thanks.

I could write a thousand books about your great goodness,

And still have many stories to tell.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I thank you with everything I am.

All my being cries thank you Lord!


(a short prayer of gratitude to God from 


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