Appreciating the Virtue of Acceptance

During my convalescence these past three months, as a result of my ankle fusion, Christ gave me the opportunity to appreciate the virtue of acceptance. You see, when you can’t place any weight on your foot, you are somewhat helpless.  I couldn’t stand in the kitchen and make any meals. Nor, could I do any housecleaning, or laundry. I couldn’t run any errands or do the grocery shopping. All I could do was sit in a Lazy-Boy chair, with my foot elevated, and let others do things for me. This is where I learned the gift of the virtue of acceptance.
Putting my pride aside, I gratefully, and humbly accepted meals prepared by my neighbors and friends. (They were all delicious. by the way!). One friend vacuumed my entire house (better than I could ever do it)! Yet, it was my husband, who made the biggest impact on me. He was there, in the middle of the night, helping me go to the bathroom. He took on all my household responsibilities, in addition to his own; cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. He did it all without complaint; only with love. I learned to accept how he wanted to do things, his way, because of the virtue of acceptance.

Virtue of Acceptance

The virtue of acceptance is often viewed as accepting others as they are, not necessarily as accepting your own situation as it is.  Therefore,.. Read more...


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