Modesty Breeds Respect

When you see someone approach you, wearing a low-cut blouse, showing her “wears,” do you rush to judgment? Do you think less of the woman? Odds are your answer is yes. Now, if a woman approaches you wearing a scooped-necked sundress, cut at the knee, do you even give her clothing a second thought? Or, might you be looking more at the whole person, the persona, instead? This example proves that modesty breeds respect because in the case of the woman in the sundress, no negative opinion rises to your consciousness. Rather, you look beyond the outfit and see the woman for who she wishes to be seen, as someone who deserves respect.

Modesty Breeds Respect

Embracing the virtue of Modesty not only garners the respect of others, but it also garners self-respect.  How we view ourselves is more important than how others view us. Yet, we tend to place more weight on what others think than on what we think of ourselves.  We believe what the magazines and television ads tell us about how we should look and dress. Therefore, we develop this false narrative that we must look “sexy” to be accepted. Yet, Modesty tells us otherwise. We feel ... Read more...


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