Fog, Frost, Feelings: and Another Washington SNAFU

(Looking across the street last Saturday. (January 2, 2021))

This week's weather has included, for the most part, dense or patchy freezing fog.

I figure the weather, and Washington news, have been affecting my mood. Or should that be "has been affecting?"...

...I'd planned on getting a picture of the same twigs this afternoon. But something's removed an identifiable curvy twig. Maybe the night's and morning's frost hid it. Or maybe I just didn't notice it. So I took a picture of another part of the same set of bushes....

...Sound and Fury, News and Opinion

Edison Lee comic: does anyone even know what truth looks like any more?"2021 storming of the United States Capitol" may or may not stick as a name for whatever happened last Wednesday. I'm even less certain about what actually happened.

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.


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