HD 63935: Two Sub-Neptunes and Maybe More

Designations like HD 63935 b and c don't exactly roll of the tongue.

Although with a little work I might pronounce them "trippingly on the tongue," as Hamlet put it.

Maybe saying "sixty five ninety three five bee and cee" would do the trick. Then again, maybe not. I thought, briefly, of calling HD 63935, HD 63935 b and HD 63935 c "Sam, Fred and Chuck;" but thought better of it.

At any rate, I'd been catching up on 'exoplanet' notes from the last year or so when I read about the HD 63935 planetary system.

HD 63935's known planets there, sub-Neptunes, should help scientists learn more about how planets form. Or, rather, observing them and analyzing those observations should....

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