St. Jude, Judas Thaddaeus: Patron Saint of Desperate Cases

Farragutful's photo: St. Jude the Apostle Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida. (July 26, 2017)
(From Farragutful, via Wikipedia, used w/o permission.)
(Interior of St. Jude the Apostle Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Florida.)

One thing's certain. Well, actually, quite a few things are certain.
Something that's certain about Saint Jude the Apostle is that he's not Judas Iscariot.

Which may take some explaining. Then again, maybe not. In any case, "Jude" and "Judas" look like two different names in English translations of the Bible.

But they're two ways of transliterating the same name, יְהוּדָה, Y'hudah, into my language's version of the Latin alphabet....

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.

(Jude, Saints, a letter, dead emperors and how Nero handled a public relations problem. Plus Elizabethan playwrights, chorizo and making sense.)


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