Advent Sunday: Kyrie, Then Death

Provincial Government of Lanao Del Sur's photo, via Al Jazeera/Facebook: Mindanao State University's gymnasium in Marawi, after a bomb exploded during a First Sunday of Advent Mass. (December 3, 2023)

Several dozen students in the Islamic City of Marawi were allowed to start their First Sunday of Advent Mass in a university gymnasium.

Then, when they got to the "Lord, have mercy" part, a bomb went off.

Four of them died. Many — I've seen both 42 and 72 reported — were injured.

I'll talk about that, along with whatever else comes to mind. I've been running a fever, so this week's post may be — interesting.

Well, of course. It's supposed to be interesting. But — you get the idea. I hope.

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.

(An Advent mass interrupted by a bomb. Rebuilding a city with several names. Priorities, prayer and neighbors. An Abrahamic aside and an unwell week.)


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