Sledding With My Dad: Good Memories

Google Street View's image: Prairie Home Cemetery, seen from near 9th Street South and 9th Avenue South, Moorhead, Minnesota. (February 2022) via Google Street View, used w/o permission.

Most of the neighborhood I grew up in is now a parking lot.

But Prairie Home Cemetery, a block west of the house I grew up in, is still there. I mostly remember it as being next to the sledding hill.

My father and I went by, or maybe through, the cemetery on our way to the 'hill'.

The sledding hill wasn't, technically, a hill.

It was part of a coulee going through the southwest corner of Prairie Home Cemetery. Or, rather, it was part of what had been a coulee....

More at A Catholic Citizen in America.

(Remembering good times in winters long past; what was, and was not, important when raising my kids. Flexible Flyer sleds, family, and faith that makes sense.)


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